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The 16th international conference of Iranian Aerospace Society, AERO2017, will be hosted at Tehran city, the capital of Iran and Tehran Province located in north-central Iran at the foot of the Elburz mountain range.

The most famous landmarks of the city include the Azadi Tower, a memorial built in 1971, the Milad Tower, the world's 17th tallest freestanding structure built in 2007, and the Tabiat Bridge, completed in 2014 and considered as the third contemporary symbol of the city.

The Mehrabad and Khomeini international airports, a central railway station, the rapid transit rail system of the Tehran Metro, as well as a trolleybus and a BRT system and a large network of highways all serve the Tehran well. For an interesting virtual tour of Tehran city, see here (http://virtualtour.tehran.ir/).

 Azadi Tower  Milad Tower  Tabiat Bridge

With respect to an agreement between the Conference Secretariat and the Kalout Eco Tour & Travel Co, ample opportunities for stay and tour in Tehran and it's nearby or other cities have existed. If you are interested, you can check these facilities on the website of this company at www.kalout.com or www.kalout.ir. Some outstanding cultural and historical tours this company has currently provided are Highlights of Shiraz, Tehran Classics I & II, Maranjab Desert, Esfahan, and Khashan.